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If you have an interest in Greek and Roman mythology, a visit to Paphos will captivate you. Paphos is believed to be the mythical birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. The Kato Pafos Archaeological Park, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, showcases events from Greek mythology and preserves ancient ruins from the Roman era. For those intrigued by exhibits dating back to the Neolithic era up until 1700 AD, the Pafos District Archaeological Museum houses significant artifacts excavated from various archaeological sites. Additionally, Paphos Castle, situated on the town’s port, was once a fortress protecting the harbor. Today, the castle’s beautiful remnants provide a breathtaking view of the coastal scenery. Enhance your experience in this romantic city by choosing a luxurious retreat. Continue reading to discover the top 5-star hotels in Paphos, Cyprus.

1 Amavi, MadeForTwo Hotels - Paphos

Image of Amavi, MadeForTwo Hotels - Paphos

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  • Name: Amavi, MadeForTwo Hotels - Paphos
  • Address: Poseidonos Avenue Accommodates: 2

2 Venus Beach Hotel

Image of Venus Beach Hotel

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  • Name: Venus Beach Hotel
  • Address: Venus Beach Hotel

3 Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos

Image of Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos

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  • Name: Olympic Lagoon Resort Paphos
  • Address: Poseidonos Avenue Accommodates: 4

4 Elysium

Image of Elysium

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  • Name: Elysium
  • Address: Queen Verenikis Str Accommodates: 10

5 Annabelle

Image of Annabelle

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  • Name: Annabelle
  • Address: Poseidonos Avenue Accommodates: 10

6 Almyra

Image of Almyra

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  • Name: Almyra
  • Address: Poseidonos Avenue Accommodates: 10

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