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Welcome to Nepal, a destination sought after by travelers worldwide. People flock here to immerse themselves in the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan Mountains and experience the rich and diverse culture that defines this country. To embark on this journey, it is essential to secure suitable accommodation for your stay. While finding hotels in major cities like Kathmandu is relatively easy, it can be more challenging in the serene towns and rural areas. If you’re struggling to decide where to stay in Nepal, worry not! We have curated a comprehensive list below, encompassing everything from the bustling capital city to the quaint cultural towns, ensuring you find the perfect accommodation options for your needs.

1 Himalayan Front Hotel by KGH Group

Image of Himalayan Front Hotel by KGH Group

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  • Name: Himalayan Front Hotel by KGH Group
  • Address: Sarangkot

2 Kathmandu Eco Hotel

Image of Kathmandu Eco Hotel

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  • Name: Kathmandu Eco Hotel
  • Address: Kathmandu Eco Hotel

3 Bodhi Suites Boutique Hotel and Spa

Image of Bodhi Suites Boutique Hotel and Spa

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  • Name: Bodhi Suites Boutique Hotel and Spa
  • Address: Street Number 13, Lakeside, Barahi Path

4 Hotel Shanker

Image of Hotel Shanker

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  • Name: Hotel Shanker
  • Address: Lazimpat

5 Hotel Jampa

Image of Hotel Jampa

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  • Name: Hotel Jampa
  • Address: Thamel, Bhagawati Marg next to Nepal Investment Mega Bank

6 Temple Tree Resort & Spa, Pokhara

Image of Temple Tree Resort & Spa, Pokhara

Located just 150 meters (492 feet) away from the picturesque Phewa Lake in Pokhara, Temple Tree Resort & Spa is the ideal stay for visitors looking for an unforgettable experience. This small boutique hotel offers breathtaking views of the Annapurna Mountain Range, where guests can admire the stunning snowy Himalayan Mountains from the comfort of their own rooms. The resort’s bright and colorful cottages blend western architecture with Nepals Himalayan culture, making for an ideal combination. During the summer months, visitors can cool off in the outdoor infinity pool, while the hot tub is the perfect way to relax during the cooler months from October to March. For those looking for a little extra pampering, Temple Tree Resort & Spa offers an array of wellness and massage services at an additional cost. And to top it all off, a complimentary breakfast buffet is included.

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  • Name: Temple Tree Resort & Spa, Pokhara
  • Address: Gaurighat, Lakeside- 06

7 Hotel Middle Path, Pokhara

Image of Hotel Middle Path, Pokhara

If you’re looking to start your Nepalese adventures on a budget, Hotel Middle Path, a quiet bed and breakfast located just a 3-minute walk from Phewa Lake’s shops and restaurants, is the ideal choice. With clean and comfortable rooms, it creates the perfect balance of peaceful retreat and easy access to local amenities. There is also an in-house restaurant serving up delicious Nepali cuisine, as well as stunning mountain and lake views. Not to mention, 2 gardens, a 24-hour front desk service, and plenty of activities nearby including paragliding, rafting, and mountain trekking.

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  • Name: Hotel Middle Path, Pokhara
  • Address: Lakeside-6, Middle Path St

8 Hotel Landmark Pokhara, Pokhara

Image of Hotel Landmark Pokhara, Pokhara

Let me reimagine that for you:

Hotel Landmark stands out from the previous two hotels in Pokhara due to its unique architecture, built with handmade bricks and adorned with intricate carvings. Situated just a short stroll away from the breathtaking Phewa Lake, this affordable 3-star hotel is a hidden gem in the tourism capital of Nepal.
Indulge in the cozy atmosphere of each room, enhanced by charming hand-carved wooden furniture. Offering a total of 84 rooms, Hotel Landmark ensures unparalleled comfort for its guests. Whether you choose a room with a mountain view or a lake view, you are guaranteed to wake up to one of the most awe-inspiring landscapes in the world. And to top it off, enjoy a complimentary breakfast that adds an unbeatable touch to your stay.

Additional Information
  • Name: Hotel Landmark Pokhara, Pokhara
  • Address: Landmark Chowk, Lakeside

9 Hotel Peace Palace Nepal, Lumbini

Image of Hotel Peace Palace Nepal, Lumbini

Editor’s Note: There’s no photo available at the time of writing.If youre planning to visit Lumbini during your trip to Nepal, consider spending a night or two at Hotel Peace Palace Nepal. A 6-hour drive away from the nearest major city of Pokhara, Lumbini is difficult to visit on a day trip and may require you to stay a night before making your journey back. And with the Mayadevi Temple only 100 meters (328 feet) away, Hotel Peace Palace Nepal is located in the heart of Lumbini. .Overlooking the city, this modern hotel is hidden in the midst of this famous ancient heritage site. Lumbini is recognized as the Buddhas birthplace. Simplistic in dcor and amenities, Hotel Peace Palace Nepal is ideal for the short 1-night recharge you might need after exploring the city. But despite its modest appearance, the hotel provides free toiletries, slippers, a 24-hour front desk, garden, and a shared lounge for all guests..

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  • Name: Hotel Peace Palace Nepal, Lumbini
  • Address: Tiger chwok, 33300, Nepal

10 Shiva Guest House, Bhaktapur

Image of Shiva Guest House, Bhaktapur

Shiva Guest House is the perfect accommodation for anyone wishing to explore Bhaktapur’s ancient art, culture, and craftmanship. Located in the heart of the historical city center, the hotel is split into two buildings (Shiva Guest House 1 & 2) and within close proximity to Durbar Square. Take a trip up to the hotel’s rooftop garden and admire views of the city’s stunning temples and medieval alleyways. With 25 rooms between the two buildings, guests can choose from a range of accommodation options with either shared or private bathrooms. An airport shuttle service can also be arranged on request.

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  • Name: Shiva Guest House, Bhaktapur
  • Address: Khuma Tole, Bhaktapur

11 Landmark Forest Park, Chitwan

Image of Landmark Forest Park, Chitwan

Welcome to Landmark Forest Park, the eco-friendly resort located just 100 meters (328 feet) from the famous Chitwan National Park, one of Nepal’s most popular attractions. With lush green forests surrounding you, this is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and immerse yourself in the wonders of wildlife.

At Landmark Forest Park, we believe in giving our guests the freedom to choose their own adventure. You have the flexibility to decide which activities you want to participate in, tailoring your experience to your personal preferences. Our safari packages are fully customizable, ensuring that we meet your individual needs and desires. We are dedicated to making your stay with us as exceptional as possible.

And if you’re specifically interested in elephant safari tours, you’re in luck! Being just a short 10-minute walk away from the Elephant Breeding Center, you’ll have easy access to this incredible experience. So come and join us at Landmark Forest Park, where unforgettable memories and amazing adventures await you!

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  • Name: Landmark Forest Park, Chitwan
  • Address: Ratnanagar-7, Paryatan Margh, Baghmara, Chitwan National Park, Nepal.

12 Green Park Chitwan, Chitwan

Image of Green Park Chitwan, Chitwan

If you’re looking for an exciting holiday experience, look no further than Green Park Chitwan. Located just 300 meters (984 feet) away from Chitwan National Park and Elephant Riding Point, this beautiful resort offers a wide range of thrilling activities, including the renowned elephant-riding tours, while still being highly affordable. To add to the comfort, all activities can be planned and booked directly through the hotel so you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying the natural wildlife. For a little extra luxury, the hotel also has a pool available to all guests. No matter if you’re traveling as a couple or with family, Green Park Chitwan is the perfect place to stay for a memorable holiday.

Additional Information
  • Name: Green Park Chitwan, Chitwan
  • Address: Tigerpoint, Baghmara

13 Dwarika’s Hotel, Kathmandu

Image of Dwarika's Hotel, Kathmandu

Dwarika’s Hotel, probably the most famous hotel in Kathmandu, is a 5-star establishment that has been celebrated as one of the top hotels in the country. Visitors should take the time to commend the hotel for its dedication to cultural preservation, as it holds one of the largest private woodwork collections in the world today. Its unique layout comprises of Nepali houses gathered around a courtyard, and from the outside to the inside, the hotel exudes sophistication. The rooms are decorated mainly with wood furnishings, making them quite distinctive. However, with only 87 rooms up for grabs, make sure to make your reservation soon at this acclaimed hotel.

Additional Information
  • Name: Dwarika's Hotel, Kathmandu
  • Address: Battisputali

14 Hotel Himalaya, Patan

Image of Hotel Himalaya, Patan

Hotel Himalaya, true to its name, offers guests breathtaking views of the Himalayan Mountains from its gardens. This charming establishment caters to both leisure and business travelers, thanks to its intimate resort-like atmosphere and convenient proximity to major offices such as the UN, WHO, and other NGOs. Situated just a short 10-minute stroll away from the renowned Patan Durbar Square, the historic palace city of the Malla Kings, Hotel Himalaya stands as an excellent choice for your trip to Patan. After a day of exploration or work, unwind in one of the 125 rooms available. Prepare to be captivated by the stunning landscapes that Hotel Himalaya proudly showcases. Additionally, guests can enjoy amenities such as a tennis court, fitness center, and swimming pool. The on-site tour desk further simplifies the planning process for Himalayan treks or day trips to nearby towns.

Additional Information
  • Name: Hotel Himalaya, Patan
  • Address: POBox 2141, Sahid Sukra Marg, Lalitpur, Patan

15 Gaun Ghar Hotel, Bandipur

Image of Gaun Ghar Hotel, Bandipur

Discover the historical charm of Bandipur when you stay at Gaun Ghar Hotel. Recently renovated, the hotel still maintains its traditional architecture and ambience. This ancient city was once an important rest-stop for Newaris traveling to Tibet and staying here will give you a real taste of Nepalese culture. Located at 1,400 meters (4,593 feet) on a small hill, Gaun Ghar Hotel offers stunning views of the Himalayan Mountains. The name of the hotel itself translates to village house and your experience in Nepal cannot be more authentic. To make your stay even more enjoyable, try the local dishes at the restaurant run by the hotel. From the comfort of the hotel, you can enjoy the expansive views of Bandipur while savoring some of the areas best cuisine.

Additional Information
  • Name: Gaun Ghar Hotel, Bandipur
  • Address: Bandipur, Tanahu

16 Shambaling Hotel, Kathmandu

Image of Shambaling Hotel, Kathmandu

Shambaling Hotel, located on the site of a refurbished house dating back to the 1970s and one of the first guesthouses used by Tibetan pilgrims on their way to Boudhanath Stupa, has since been converted into a sophisticated hotel and earned a reputation as one of the top hotels in Kathmandu. All 30 rooms and 2 restaurants in the hotel are decorated in a Tibetan style to honor its owner’s heritage, making it the perfect place for those who are keen on learning about Nepal’s history and its ancient landmarks. It is conveniently situated just 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) away from the iconic Boudhanath Stupa, offering great proximity to some of the city’s most prominent attractions.

Additional Information
  • Name: Shambaling Hotel, Kathmandu
  • Address: Ramhiti, Tinchuli, Boudha

17 Dalai-La Boutique Hotel, Kathmandu

Image of Dalai-La Boutique Hotel, Kathmandu

Allow me to introduce Dalai-La Boutique Hotel, a delightful establishment nestled in Kathmandu. With its charming Nepalese theme, this boutique hotel stands out as one of the city’s finest. Immerse yourself in the essence of Nepal as you step into a world adorned with ancient indigenous artifacts and captivating Buddhist decor. Each of the 25 rooms is thoughtfully designed with skylights and large windows, ensuring a bright and airy ambiance flooded with natural light.

While Dalai-La Boutique Hotel boasts a modern twist, it effortlessly retains a touch of traditional elegance. Marvel at the hand-carved pillars, lattice windows, and exquisite handmade terracotta bricks that embellish the courtyard and facade. Such intricate designs are truly a sight to behold, offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

Conveniently situated in the heart of the popular Thamel tourist district, this luxury hotel is surrounded by a plethora of dining options, shopping opportunities, and vibrant nightlife. Immerse yourself in Nepal’s rich ethnic heritage, vibrant traditions, and historical landmarks, all against the magnificent backdrop of the Himalayan Mountains. Whether you’re exploring the capital city or using it as a base for your hiking adventures, Dalai-La Boutique Hotel is well-equipped to cater to your every need.

Additional Information
  • Name: Dalai-La Boutique Hotel, Kathmandu
  • Address: Chaksibari Marg, Thamel

18 Summit Hotel, Patan

Image of Summit Hotel, Patan

Situated approximately halfway between Kathmandu and Patan, the Summit Hotel is the perfect stay for travelers who wish to explore both cities, or simply need a place to take a rest while driving from one to the other. Boasting a beautiful, lush garden, the rooms at the hotel provide a serene, peaceful atmosphere to ensure your stay is both relaxing and enjoyable. Embracing Nepali culture, the hotel is a blend of traditional and modern, and some rooms may even offer views of the garden, pool, or mountains. No matter the room, you can still expect all the luxuries and amenities you need, such as an outdoor swimming pool and fitness center.

Additional Information
  • Name: Summit Hotel, Patan
  • Address: P.O.Box 1406, Kupondole Height,

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