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Bunaken, Indonesia, is a popular destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. Located in the picturesque Bay of Manado, this small island is surrounded by pristine waters and offers a wide range of 20 diverse dive spots teeming with vibrant marine life. Accessible by motorboat, Bunaken National Park features a stunning marine park where you can explore 13 coral reef species and encounter up to 91 different fish species. With its abundance of attractions, it comes as no surprise that Bunaken is highly regarded by scuba divers and marine enthusiasts. For a comprehensive scuba diving experience, consider staying at one of the top dive resorts on the island. Scroll down to discover the finest dive resorts in Bunaken, Indonesia.

1 Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort and Spa; Liang Beach

Image of Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort and Spa; Liang Beach

This luxurious dive resort in Bunaken offers the perfect opportunity to explore the deep waters of Manado Bay. With a dive classroom available, diving enthusiasts can learn and improve their skills. The resort also caters to underwater photography enthusiasts, providing a spacious camera room with multiple charging points. Guests can effortlessly dive deep and capture stunning underwater moments. Additionally, the resort showcases 12 traditional-style villas that reflect the beauty of Indonesian culture. After an exciting underwater adventure, guests can enjoy a rejuvenating spa massage or relax by the outdoor infinity pool for a serene retreat.

Additional Information
  • Name: Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort and Spa; Liang Beach
  • Rating: 5.0/5
  • Address: Liang Beach

2 Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort; Liang Beach

Image of Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort; Liang Beach

Discover the excitement of a guided marine tour led by experienced divers at this charming resort. Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort offers numerous diving spots nearby, showcasing a wealth of captivating underwater marvels. With a Dive Centre and a team of skilled divers, the resort allows you to explore breathtaking coral reefs teeming with diverse aquatic species, including damselfish, fusiliers, butterflyfish, and even green and hawksbill turtles. Even if you’re new to diving, the resort offers beginner’s lessons to assist you. Non-divers can partake in snorkelling adventures or join dolphin trips organized by the resort. To unwind after an exhilarating underwater experience, indulge in relaxation at the resort’s bar or spa, revitalizing your senses.

Additional Information
  • Name: Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort; Liang Beach
  • Rating: 3.0/5
  • Address: Bastianos Bunaken Dive Resort; Liang Beach

3 Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort; Buro Beach

Image of Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort; Buro Beach

Experience the extraordinary marine life of the island with a stay at Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort, a luxurious dive resort catering to divers. From early mornings to late nights, a range of dive tours awaits you. Photographers will be thrilled by the variety of underwater creatures, including rays, pygmy seahorses, barracudas, and more, offering plenty of opportunities to capture stunning photos. If diving is not your preference, you have the option of snorkelling instead. After your aquatic adventures, relax in the comfort of your villa or enjoy the delicious local cuisine at the on-site restaurant. Whether it’s thrilling dives or enchanting snorkelling, Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort promises an unforgettable stay in Bunaken.

Additional Information
  • Name: Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort; Buro Beach
  • Rating: 3.0/5
  • Address: Buro Beach, Tanjung Parigi

4 Raja Laut Dive Resort Bunaken; Pangalisan Beach

Image of Raja Laut Dive Resort Bunaken; Pangalisan Beach

If you have a preference for underwater adventures, Raja Laut Dive Resort Bunaken is the perfect choice. This affordable resort caters to your passion and offers a well-equipped dive centre with all the necessary gear. Experienced European divers are available to assist you in exploring the hidden treasures beneath the waves. The resort provides a variety of services, including daily and on-demand dive trips. Each small group of three to four divers is accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, and snorkelling guides are also available for surface exploration. For added safety, NITROX 32 is available at an extra cost. Conveniently located in front of the resort, Bunaken Timur is one of the many dive sites to explore.

Additional Information
  • Name: Raja Laut Dive Resort Bunaken; Pangalisan Beach
  • Address: Pangalisan Beach

5 Froggies Divers Resort; Pantai Liang

Image of Froggies Divers Resort; Pantai Liang

Froggies Divers Resort offers an unparalleled experience for deep-sea divers and learners alike. With a variety of PADI courses for both beginners and advanced divers, as well as 30 dive spots encircling the island, this resort provides an idyllic haven for underwater exploration. Further setting it apart, Froggies Divers Resort hosts occasional muck diving excursions along the coast of North Sulawesi, where you can witness organisms rarely encountered in clear waters. Conveniently providing all the necessary diving gear on-site, and offering a revitalizing spa treatment to soothe the body and mind after exhilarating underwater escapades, Froggies Divers Resort is the perfect destination for a thrilling and relaxing holiday.

Additional Information
  • Name: Froggies Divers Resort; Pantai Liang
  • Rating: 3.0/5
  • Address: Pantai Liang, Tanjung Parigi Lingkungan 6, Kelurahan Bunaken, Kecamatan Bunaken, Bunaken Island, Manado, Indonesia, 95264

6 Bunaken Sea Garden Resort; Pangalisang Beach

Image of Bunaken Sea Garden Resort; Pangalisang Beach

Situated in a quaint setting, this intimate resort boasts a well-equipped dive centre staffed with professional guides and divers. The experienced guides are dedicated to assisting underwater photographers and videographers in capturing the finest shots of marine life. While the standard dive trips happen in the mornings and afternoons, the resort can also accommodate night dives upon request..While marvelling at the mesmerizing marine creatures is given, one of the resorts standout diving experiences is the opportunity for deep exploration of a shipwreck near a harbour. Moreover, the resort organizes snorkelling excursions and dolphin tours for added enjoyment. .For your comfortable stay, the resort offers luxurious cottage suites and other traditional, Minahasa-style accommodations. Furthermore, the daily menu showcases a variety of traditional dishes..

Additional Information
  • Name: Bunaken Sea Garden Resort; Pangalisang Beach
  • Address: Pangalisang Beach, Bunaken Island

7 Panorama Backpackers; Liang Beach

Image of Panorama Backpackers; Liang Beach

The resort, catering to backpackers, embodies its name by providing an affordable destination for budget-conscious travelers seeking a vibrant community atmosphere. Backpackers can connect with like-minded individuals while enjoying a cozy, home-like environment. The resort offers breathtaking panoramic vistas of neighboring islands and majestic volcanoes. Within a short journey from the resort, there are numerous dive spots that provide unparalleled diving experiences under the guidance of professional divers. The resort features a well-equipped dive center overseen by an experienced European instructor, allowing guests to witness and capture a variety of marine marvels.

Additional Information
  • Name: Panorama Backpackers; Liang Beach
  • Address: Liang Beach Pulau Bunaken

8 The Village Bunaken; Paitai Pangalisang

Image of The Village Bunaken; Paitai Pangalisang

At the resort’s dive centre, divers of all abilities including those with myopia are provided with top-notch, well-maintained equipment. All divers receive training in a swimming pool to build confidence before heading into the ocean. What’s more, multilingual instructors are on hand to ensure the language barrier is not an issue. Not to mention, visitors have the chance to witness whales and dolphins, but a special treat awaits during the full moon dugongs appear near the reef. Plus, Advanced Open Water (AOW)-certified divers can explore the Molas Shipwreck site.

Additional Information
  • Name: The Village Bunaken; Paitai Pangalisang
  • Address: Paitai Pangalisang, palau Bunaken

9 Two Fish Resort Bunaken; Pangalisang Beach

Image of Two Fish Resort Bunaken; Pangalisang Beach

At Two Divers Resort in Bunaken, Indonesia, diving enthusiasts are invited to take an unforgettable underwater adventure. Experienced and certified diving instructors, passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring the safety and enjoyment of every guest, are ready to help beginners and seasoned divers alike explore the stunning dive sites accessible from the resort. Here, visitors will find a plethora of vibrant marine life, including fusiliers, sweetlips, damselfish and much more. After a day filled with diving, guests can savour delicious Indonesian cuisine from the restaurant.

Additional Information
  • Name: Two Fish Resort Bunaken; Pangalisang Beach
  • Rating: 4.0/5
  • Address: Pangalisang Beach

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