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When planning a trip to San Diego, California, USA, one need not worry about a lack of parking facilities since there is a list of hotels with free parking available. Free parking is an invaluable service for customers that helps create a comfortable and memorable experience, and this is something hospitality industry professionals understand. Hotels usually have either a basement underneath or an area adjacent to them, making it easy for them to provide a free parking facility. By doing so, they help add to the comfort level of their customers and give them an unforgettable experience. Thus, it is important for businesses to provide parking facilities to their customers, be it in any shopping mall, hospital, church, or hotel.

1 Red Roof Inn San Diego- Pacific Beach/Seaworld Area

Image of Red Roof Inn San Diego- Pacific Beach/Seaworld Area

Welcome to the Red Roof Inn, San Diego! Our hotel offers both luxurious accommodation and the convenience of free parking. Located in the beautiful area of 4545 Mission Bay Dr in San Diego, California, our hotel features elegant and modern room interiors. Some of our rooms even come with double bedding for added comfort. As a two-star hotel, you can enjoy a night’s stay for just $89. We can’t wait to host you and ensure you have a wonderful stay with us!

Additional Information
  • Name: Red Roof Inn San Diego- Pacific Beach/Seaworld Area
  • Address: 4545 Mission Bay Dr

2 Kings Inn

Image of Kings Inn

This hotel in San Diego, with its quaint facade, is hard to miss along Mission Valley and it boasts three stars to its name due to its many facilities and amenities. It has a huge swimming pool in the center which is one of the main attractions during the summer and is a low-rise building compared to other hotels. A room at this hotel with a pool in San Diego can cost anywhere from 111 USD and above.

Additional Information
  • Name: Kings Inn
  • Rating: 8.6/5
  • Address: Kings Inn

3 Bahia Resort Hotel

Image of Bahia Resort Hotel

Located at 998 W Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, California, the Bahia Resort Hotel is not only known for its free parking spots, but also for its stunning surroundings. Situated near a picturesque lake and the beach, it is highly rated as one of the most well-equipped and conveniently located resort hotels. With fully air-conditioned rooms, internet access, swimming facilities, and even business rooms for meetings and conferences, the resort offers a wide range of amenities. Its beachfront location makes it a popular choice for beach weddings, both for locals and visitors from all over California. Plus, the free parking facility is a major advantage in a beach resort, especially in crowded areas near the beach.

Additional Information
  • Name: Bahia Resort Hotel
  • Rating: 3.0/5
  • Address: 998 West Mission Bay Drive

4 Best Western San Diego/Miramar Hotel

Image of Best Western San Diego/Miramar Hotel

Have you heard of the renowned Best Western group and their significant contribution to the hospitality industry for over 70 years? Best Western not only has a strong presence in San Diego, but also across the United States and around the world. To stay competitive, the Best Western Plus San Diego Miramar Hotel offers parking facilities for their guests. Situated at 9310 Kearny Mesa Road in San Diego, this hotel provides spacious rooms with beautifully furnished furniture and shelves, creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for guests to feel right at home.

Additional Information
  • Name: Best Western San Diego/Miramar Hotel
  • Rating: 3.0/5
  • Address: 9310 Kearny Mesa Road

5 Old Town Inn

Image of Old Town Inn

The Old Town Inn is a delightful destination to unwind after exploring the exciting attractions of San Diego’s Old Town. This property offers an ideal setting for a peaceful weekend getaway, resembling a villa and receiving high ratings from customers, averaging close to 4.5. The villa-like architecture is a major draw for guests, providing them with an experience reminiscent of Italian villas. Located near downtown San Diego and offering complimentary parking, this hotel stands out from other accommodations in the area with its distinctive design, offering guests a taste of the Italian villa lifestyle.

Additional Information
  • Name: Old Town Inn
  • Address: 4444 Pacific Highway

6 Riverleaf Inn Mission Valley

Image of Riverleaf Inn Mission Valley

If you’re looking for a modern and affordable place to stay with great amenities this summer while visiting the zoo and beaches, the Riverleaf Inn Mission Valley is the perfect choice. It’s equipped to accommodate a family of four and offers swimming, parking, and internet access.

Additional Information
  • Name: Riverleaf Inn Mission Valley
  • Address: 2484 Hotel Circle Place

7 The Atwood Hotel San Diego - SeaWorld/Zoo

Image of The Atwood Hotel San Diego - SeaWorld/Zoo

If you enjoy swimming during the summer and are looking for a place to spend quality time with your loved ones in San Diego, then The Atwood Hotel San Diego – SeaWorld/Zoo is the perfect destination for you! This delightful lodge offers a massive outdoor swimming facility, making it ideal for swimmers. With an average rating of 3.4 stars, you can expect a wonderful experience. Plus, a room at this fantastic lodge is available at an affordable price of approximately 93 USD.

Additional Information
  • Name: The Atwood Hotel San Diego - SeaWorld/Zoo
  • Address: 1201 Hotel Circle South

8 Best Western Lamplighter Inn & Suites at SDSU

Image of Best Western Lamplighter Inn & Suites at SDSU

Another hotel affiliated with Best Western is included in this compilation. Best Western Lamplighter Inn & Suites at SDSU is located at 6474 El Cajon Boulevard, San Diego and has received high ratings from customers, averaging at 4.15. The interior design of the inn is sophisticated and elegant, featuring floral motifs. The provided rooms and suites offer various amenities, including parking facilities for guests. A night’s stay at this inn typically costs around 99 USD, which is considered a worthwhile investment due to the comfortable and stylish rooms. Each suite features wooden flooring and large glass windows instead of traditional walls, ensuring privacy for guests as they are separated from one another.

Additional Information
  • Name: Best Western Lamplighter Inn & Suites at SDSU
  • Rating: 3.0/5
  • Address: 6474 El Cajon Boulevard

9 Radisson Hotel San Diego Rancho Bernardo

Image of Radisson Hotel San Diego Rancho Bernardo

No need for introductions when it comes to Radisson! As one of the most popular international hotel chains, it boasts a global presence in over 30 countries. Among its outstanding locations is the highly-rated Radisson hotel in San Diego. Customers give it a stellar rating of 3.95, and you can find it at 11520 W Bernardo Ct. This hotel offers fantastic amenities such as swimming facilities, a business center, complimentary breakfast, laundry service, and convenient parking. One of its standout features is the incredibly professional staff, who go above and beyond to serve guests with sincerity. Plus, the parking is affordable, and the hotel’s easily accessible location makes it a breeze for customers to find.

Additional Information
  • Name: Radisson Hotel San Diego Rancho Bernardo
  • Rating: 3.0/5
  • Address: 11520 West Bernardo Court, Rancho Bernardo / Carmel Mountain, San Diego (CA), United States, 92127

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